Our Associates

Proventure are not your typical firm of consultants; “In an industry which can give the impression that it achieves results through some obscure alchemy, when what's required is that we listen to you, work with you, and help you succeed through your people, your policies, your practices and your culture. Our focus is on helping you to look forward and upward, not on preserving our reputation. Our values are clear, and run through every part of our work. We empower our clients and our people; value diversity; encourage intellectual curiosity; and share success.”

Stephen Cooley - Managing Director of Proventure

Stephen is a founding Director of Proventure.  Prior to this he was a Board Director at Veredus Executive Resourcing (previously PricewaterhouseCoopers) where he ran the Leeds office and was the national lead for local government and regeneration.  Before joining PricewaterhouseCoo pers, Stephen worked as a senior manager in local government for 10 years, and was an elected member in a London Council.

Stephen has a national reputation for delivering on his promises, for giving clear, tailored advice and incisive judgement.  He has a clean sheet on recruitment with nearly 200 executive and non-executive appointments across all sectors in the last 5 years.  Beyond recruitment, he supports major organisational change programmes; provides coaching, outplacement support, leadership and management development and gives advice on strategic planning. 

Mark Tobin - Consultant.

Mark is a consultant at Proventure, having joined from a specialist hospitality and leisure consultancy where he managed a team of six consultants recruiting senior executives and managers into the fast paced industry.  Clients and candidates praised his technical knowledge, sound judgement, care and adaptability.

Prior to his 5 years in recruitment, Mark managed small businesses within Whitbread Plc. and the Spirit Group, gaining strong experience of people development, customer focus, business growth and  organisational leadership.


T. 0161 835 3377
F. 0161 835 3388

Prydale Partnersis more than a company which helps people to create their own life choices, “it has become our ethical and environmental way of life". We had a vision of how we wanted to live our lives, bought our property in this amazing part of the world and set about creating Prydale Partners. Having created this choice for ourselves, our mission is to enable others to live their lives as they really want to.” Prydale help you to create changes in your life through:one-to-one coaching or therapy, working with employers, working with fellow professional practitioners.

Andrew Pearce - Managing Director of Prydale Partners

Andrew Pearce is a Certified Trainer of NLP, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist with over 10 years experience and a registered Supervisor.Andrew is an experienced HR specialist & trainer. He also works as a personal and professional development coach often with senior managers & executives.

Andrew worked for M&S for 15 years in a range of roles in the UK and Irish Republic, latterly in the area of management development for the top 50 managers in the Northeast, often supporting managers through organisational change. Prior to that he was a Commissioned Officer in the Royal Navy. His service included; Navigating Officer of a Minehunter during the 1st Gulf War, a round the world “flag flying” diplomatic tour, and 2nd in command of a training vessel offering new recruits their first sea going experience.

With his broad spectrum of professional expertise and understanding, he works in a wide variety of areas (including public & private sectors), particularly facilitating change with individuals & groups. He is actively involved in Mediation & Critical Incident work.

He has been interviewed on local & national radio and television on the subject of Life Balance and spoken at Oxford University about the impact of ambiguity & uncertainty on team dynamics. Andrew also runs tailored company courses and workshops. His aim is to increase choice for individuals and teams who want the freedom to be authentically who they really are.

01388 517846

Simon Foy Consultant
Simon Foy is highly skilled in strategy development, partnership working, organisational change and economic analysis. He has a proven track record in both delivering effective and integrated strategic responses as a senior economic development practitioner and in research and analysis as a labour market economist. In his role as Executive Director of Strategy at Yorkshire Forward, he delivered often technically complex solutions and policy objectives, in a highly political environment. He was also responsible for a wide policy agenda – including Economic Development, Sustainable Development, Transport, Planning and Housing. Simon has an intimate understanding of the machinery of central and local government, and a deep knowledge of the city region agenda. He has a wide range of experience in the field of local and regional economic development and labour market analysis. Simon also established Yorkshire Futures: the regional intelligence network, which is held in high regard as a forward thinking resource for the public and private sectors. During his time at the Policy Research Institute he conducted work for the OECD, European Commission, national and local government, regional government offices and local and regional partnerships: he played a principle role in expanding the Institute’s contract research activity and established an economic forecasting function which enabled robust local and regional economic analysis, and ultimately he was designated as the UK labour market expert for the European Commission. Furthermore, he also has a very high level of knowledge and understanding of the Yorkshire and Humber economy.
Simon’s Areas of Expertise are;
  • Public policy making and policy analysis;
  • Local and regional governance;
  • Economic intelligence and analysis;
  • Urban development;
  • Labour markets and employment;
  • Evaluation design and methodologies.
07983 117231

Jane Hustwit - Managing Director

Jane, a freelance consultant, believes in the power of communities to change lives. Her work includes working with the social, economic and environmental partners of the former Yorkshire and Humber Assembly on their future role; chairing a research project on the economic impact of faith communities; supporting organisational development with the Ramblers and running workshops on the skills involved in relationship management.  Recently these have included sessions on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter) for the sceptic and naturally cautious.  For over two years, since becoming freelance, she has provided support  on relationship management, external communications and event design/management, including facilitation, to a range of organisations, from all sectors, including the Regional Development Agency. 

Jane works with individuals and organisations as a mentor.  She specialises in business development and the recruitment/selection process, working with those who are recruiting as well as those seeking to be selected.   She also works as an editor, making professional or technical text accessible.

Jane moved north in 1991 from London, following a varied career in town planning, educational research and development; five years as a national trade union officer, followed by communications and fundraising for a major urban charity.   She settled in Yorkshire to set up Common Purpose, an educational trust promoting leadership in British cities and towns.

In 1999 Jane moved into regional governance, becoming Director of External Affairs in the Yorkshire and Humber Assembly in 2001.  Then in 2006 she became Director of Yorkshireurope, the region’s representation in Brussels and the European Union.    

Since April 2008, Jane has worked as a freelance consultant. She is an associate of You Must Be Wondering and an active vice-chair of Involve Yorkshire & Humber, the collective organisations for the voluntary and community sector.   07801 834028


Helen Thomson - Freelance Consultant

Helen has extensive experience in senior management roles across the charitable and public sector. In every role she has developed strong connections with the private sector harnessing the potential to better deliver local employment, skills and support for social enterprise.

Throughout her 30 year career, she has worked with a wide range of people and organizations ranging from some of the most disadvantaged communities through to some of the top Universities to ensure that everyone has a ladder to opportunity .  Starting her career as a youth & community worker, she progressed onto leading projects, programmes and organizations including an innovative multi project youth organization spanning  West Yorkshire and a national information, advice and counselling membership organisation, Youth Access.  Taking on the Director roles has always involved changing grant dependent organisations so they become more entrepreneurial, able to generate income through services and fundraise to ensure good quality effective services are delivered for young people and disadvantaged communities.

Moving to Yorkshire Forward gave Helen the opportunity to create more responsive employment support through matching business need with a skilled workforce, involving all the local authorities across Yorkshire & Humber.  She designed and led exciting and timely programmes of support including  working with BT in creating new  routes into work and leading teams to minimize redundancies within Tata steel, in manufacturing companies and within the finance sector. Helen has worked to create the routes to market for businesses, social enterprises with local authorities, the health sector and criminal justice.  In conjunction with Charity Bank and other finance institutions she has been instrumental in creating the access to finance for charities and social enterprises.

Currently, as a Board member for Co2sense, The National Youth Agency and Leeds Community Foundation her approach is always to the look at the gaps in the market and find ways to fill them, no matter how complex or difficult they first appear. Where there are apparently intractable problems, she can bring the right people to the table, facilitate ways to resolve problems and find ways to bridge  local, regional and national barriers.